The 20 least known words in English

Now that over 480,000 vocabulary tests have been completed, we can have a look at some of the findings. For instance, which words are not known at all in English? The following are the words of which less than 3% of the participants in our test indicated they were English words. For comparison, the fake words were endorsed by 8.3% of the participants on average. So, these are words not only unknown to everyone but also unlikely to be ‘mistaken’ for a true English word. The funny thing is that they often have interesting meanings, including a weapon, a precious stone, animals, several descriptions of people, and so on.

Here they are, the 20 least known words of English, also the least liked words, cast aside by everyone!

  • genipap (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • futhorc (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • witenagemot (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • gossypol (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • chaulmoogra (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • brummagem (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • alsike (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • chersonese (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • cacomistle (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • yogh (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • smaragd (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • duvetyn (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • pyknic (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • fylfot (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • yataghan (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • dasyure (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • simoom (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • stibnite (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • kalian (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary
  • didapper (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary

You can still take part in our vocabulary test and contribute data.

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